A Decade of Horses

OK - I'll play :)

Thanks to Emily for the bloghop/challenge!


Tesla was born <3 <3 (even tho' I didn't know our paths would even cross yet....)

Cutest Litle Nugget Ever!


I started looking for a horse....

Tried all of these mares :)


I got a Porsche ;)

More of her backstory here

We clicked from the first trial ride :)


I sign my sister up for a sidesaddle clinic in an attempt to get her into horses (You can ride AND play dress up - I insist), she gets the flu - so I end up going in her place and getting hooked. I source an old-name 1919 Mayhew on Craigslist (risky, but paid off :) 

My absolute favourite picture of Porsche (ended up being a calendar model shot <3 <3 )


Porsche gets some pasture "re-hab" at the folks place after a scary full-care malnutrition situation.

Trail Boss and Trail Ma helped to baby her back into a bloom of health <3 <3


I started a blog to document my equestrian journey with this familiar face...


Tesla finished her first 90 days under saddle.

Tesla and I went to our first dressage clinic!

Tesla and I had a parting of the ways on St. Patricks Day, and I ended up with new bling in my left arm.

We regrouped, refocused, and Tesla went for a tune-up, once I was cleared for riding.

We came back with a new game plan, better partners than before!


I get a friends' daughter hooked on the ponies :)

Tesla was the perfect babysitter

I learn to use the Masterson Method!

Tesla and go back to basics, get in some lessons and fill in training holes, with lots of groundwork/desensitizing: even becoming a Balloonicorn!

I had a saddle consultation with Jen the Saddle Geek - it was EYE opening!

I learn how to give barefoot trims after Porsche gets hot-nailed for the umpteenth time...


 I couldn't pick just one photo!

ALOT happened this year, I changed jobs 2x and then moved to a new state! 

Before I left, my Barn Bestie and I had a TON of fun including

a lesson on her schoolmaster, here and here

A schooling show (in which Porsche and I lost in the Green as Grass to a darling pony duo)

I got the girls a new chariot!

We participated in an Equine Microbiome Project!

The girls both got a chiro adjustment (and had crazy different reactions!!)


The year of non-stop barn moves,

and FINALLY, Barn #7 is gonna be a permanent Home Sweet Home!


  1. That was quite a journey with your girls.

    1. Looking back in retrospect gave me a lot of perspective for moving forward!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes (can't believe it!!!) More posts with MOAR details are coming ;)


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