My Consultation with Jen the Saddle Geek

When Tess & I just started back into regular work, I booked an online session with Jen the Saddle Geek. And she told me, "get a refund and come back in ~6 months".  So I took her advice and did. 
I picked up the Sommer, and it was a decent fit until it wasn't. Since I know the the saddle has an expiration date after the latest adjustment, and eventually it won't be an awesome fit for Tess, I went ahead and sent Jen some new pics, and asked for her advice.

Nov. 2016
May 2017

What Tess needs:

Curvy Tree
Upswept panels
Wool Flocking
Adjustable Tree (WIDE)


What I need:

Smaller/triangle knee rolls
Larger than 17in. Kieffer seat :)
Close Contact (my preference)

What Jen suggested:

A Sommer Diplomat

The trick will be finding one in my budget! and gotta watch cause each one can be customized and might be different!

An Albion

for something the the "neighborhood" of a Sommer

Stubben Genesis XW tree

I could demo this on a free trial thru Smartpak...

Prestige 2000D

One of the few Italian brands wide enough....

and cause I have a soft spot for brown tack, A Southern Stars Dressage Saddle

my "wild-card"...drool

I can't recommend Jen enough - she gave me links to some killer deals and options, and her video was crazy informative. 

She discussed all that was wrong saddle-wise in this photo

And I could see her recommended improvements in the newly adjusted Sommer.

Now, when Tesla starts to grow out of this one again, I feel that I have the tools now to hunt down my unicorn saddle. 

Thanks, Jen!!!


  1. I would love that Southern Stars saddle as well. That company has great pony saddles and they're on my list but for the price I just couldn't do it

    1. You might be able to get a killer deal on one - Jen met Clayton at Rolex and said to call him up and see what he had - he was hungry to get his saddles out into rider hands

  2. This sounds awesome! How much was consultation? Maybe I should get one for my jump saddle...


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