.....And we've moved!

The past few weeks I've been doing a bit of barn shopping... some of which were crazy strict:

"Horses must have a stallion chain on at all times" 
(maybe this barn was actually a race track?)

"No outside trainers. No dressage trainer."  
(Why you no like prancing ponies?)

The stables are closed on Mondays. There is no riding, turning out, etc. on Mondays. If there are extenuating circumstances, such as medical treatment, you must notify the Stable Manager and make special arrangements. A professional MUST be present on the grounds for a Monday turnout or treatment.
(What if snuggles are necessary?)

So, in the end I called up the previous barn (great facilities, a bit competitive for my taste, but safe & excellent care) and lo and behold, it was perfect timing as they had a paddock with a shelter just open up.

So I took it.

The Horse Wrangler drove the trailer over this weekend, and we moved her, easy peasy, no fuss. She's on quarantine for 3 or so days, and then she moves in to her new place.

She settled right in and in the afternoon, I went back to check on her, and let her blow out all her bug juice in the round pen. Horse Yoga, but she needed it and was totally content and snuggly afterwards.

and... Trainer J will be on-site, double win! :)

Here's to new beginnings!


  1. I figured that was happening. Some of those places sound a bit crazy to me. It's very hard here to find a good boarding place- that was one of the reasons I wanted my horses at home.

    1. They sounded crazy to me too!! Glad you can keep Carmen & Irish so close to you <3!

  2. Replies
    1. Tesla is a great traveller - makes everything 100% easier :)

  3. congrats on a smooth and easy move!

  4. Congrats! Moving can be very stressful, I'm glad you found something that will work

  5. Them some crazy rules!
    Glad you've found somewhere that suits you both & that your trainer is on site win-win 👍

  6. There are a lot of show barns that are closed Mondays, which I always felt like for me wouldn't work super well. So I totally get that!


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