Lesson Recap: Lucky

Tesla and I had a lesson this past Saturday Morning.

We got in the ring at 8:15am and put the first footprints into the arena footing. I warmed her up with some longing - she was spot perfect (so I knew the lesson was going to go well!)

Overall it was a GREAT lesson - Trainer J said Tesla looked better in her body and her mind: super willing to come out and work, and she told Tess on how she was lucky to have me as her Momma (awwwwhhhhh...melted)

There was a lot going on outside the arena but Tess kept her focus on me and tried her heart out.
So proud :)

Some take-away points/homework:

  • I need to play with the "gas pedal", and getting Tesla balanced at whatever speed we are in, so she can comfortably transition to whatever I ask the second I ask for it.
  • I need to get Tesla moving off my leg to the right and left - she steers pretty well off my seat, but can get a bit squirrelly - hot horses like EVEN MOAR leg. She is definitely more stiff to the right.
  • When she starts to get tired at the end of a lesson/workout - find a good place and end it on a good note.
I also chatted with Trainer J about Tesla being nervous around other horses in the ring - she suggested I keep doing what I have been so far: longing/desensitizing and rewarding for calm behaviour, she also mentioned that working in pairs/quadrille helped a particularly nervous horse she had get over himself and others in the ring...will definitely keep that in mind!!

We have another lesson this weekend! 



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