I am my horses' manicurist

It has been a few weeks now since I took over Tesla's hoof trims. And I have started to see her feet change right before my eyes: I suspect her heels were a bit contracted, which is why the thrush had such a foothold there (pun totally intended) and probably why the various treatments I tried just weren't 100% effective in the long run. I've been using mastitis cream as well as Coppertox in rotation with iodine (I put these in a $1 plastic ketchup dispenser & you can control it as good as a paintbrush :) I'm not strong enough to do all 4 feet at once - and sometimes I have to soak 'em to get them soft enough that I can be effective - but Tesla is lovely about her feet (and boy, does it help to have a willing participant!)

The goal

I trimmed down all the overgrowth, and am rounding away at the proper mustang roll. I make sure she is comfortable and even between sessions - and am alternating between fronts and hinds: so far, so good! From all my online reading, less is more, and the feet will really heal themselves if given the chance (and barring any conformational corrections)

More Mustang Roll needed ;) everything should be rolled to facilitate break-over

I'm informing myself with several online sources as well as Pete Ramey's book (I'll do a formal review of it as well).

Here's to a new adventure!


  1. I'm completely obsessed with the Rockley blog -- do you read it? So many good foot pictures in there! (Sadly, not as much information as I'd like about what a "great" foot looks like, since they tend to send their horses home during the rehab process.)

    1. No...but I'm a FAN now!!! Thanks for the recommendation!!!


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