Porsche loves XC

It is amazing when you find the thing your horse LOVES. I've always known that Porsche LOVES trail rides, and adventure and exploring - so I should've guessed that there was another discipline right up our alley: Cross-country!

If a horse could smile, this horse would've been grinning from ear to ear :D She loves the Horse Park, I'm sure she would 100% love to live there permanently.

C. and I trailered in early - she wanted to put in a training run before her big competition next month - and I came along for some cross-country schooling. This would be the first time I jumped anything more than a log, and we decided to walk me thru most of the Intro course.

It was beautiful out, but super windy - so the videos are a bit loud!

Our first combination:

The only thing I knew might give Porsche pause were the ditches. The only time she ever had a melt-down with me was on a washed-out trail: she thought we were gonna die until I hopped off and led her over it lol. So we schooled the ditches (even tho' there aren't any on the intro course), and she was looky but after a few tries, she popped over it with zero hesitation. Such a good egg.

We even jumped the Novice log cabin :D

And ended with some splishy splashy and a little cabin.

I can see how all the obstacles/terrain we've seen on trails has really prepared her for everything we saw on the cross-country course. Who knew we had been training for this our entire lives? LOL. Now I just need to work on my position and gaining more strength for this totally different set of muscles ;)


  1. she looks great, sounds like a seriously fun outing!

  2. Replies
    1. SO much fun when you know the horse will take care of you <3

  3. well done! You two look like you're having a blast!

  4. Looks like you both had a lot of fun! I'm way too chicken to try cross country.

    1. It helps when you see the line of jumps, and yours is the smallest one :D


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