Your chariot awaits!

Part of prepping to move was figuring out the horse hauling situation. I had two options really: a) hire a hauler or b) haul them myself (with the help of the Trail Boss of course).

First I looked into renting a trailer - which is what we did when we picked up Porsche. Turns out, a few years later nobody rents out trailers anymore....

So I priced out hauling, and cause where I was headed wasn't on the main routes, it was gonna be a significant chunk of change...

We have a trailer, but Tesla has kinda grown out of it - she will get in it (which amazes folks apparently LOL - girl will do anything for snacks ;)

Does my bum make this trailer look small?

So I had a choice - I could pay to have the girls moved...or I could put that money down on a trailer (and sell our dinky one) and my expert Trail Boss and I could drive them up ourselves...

I made a list of must haves:

  • warmblood height (at least 7ft 2in. prefer more like 7ft 6in.
  • Good ventilation
  • bumper pull
  • 2-3 horse
  • rubber mats on floors/sides
  • under 10K
and like to haves:
  • ramp would be nice
  • prefer straight-load
  • room for horse to completely lower head (and cough if needed for longer hauls)
So I started looking! The warmblood height requirement really narrowed things down to only a handful of options. I ranked my favorites, and made plans to go looking that weekend.

At the top of my list was an EquiSpirit in my area (and in my price range!). I replied to the listing within hours of the Marketplace posting - no reply. I found an ad from July of the same exact trailer/seller (not marked sold) and texted the listed number, and was informed it might be for sale (to which I replied I was interested and would love to come see it in person). Seller asked if I was selling my trailer and if so, what make and model it was, and was it a Logan? (I replied it was a Morganbuilt, but that we had cash in hand to make a purchase), seller said she had to talk it over with her husband, would get back to me and asked where I lived (I replied with the town, a few hours from her) and crickets!! I didn't like the feeling of being jerked around, so even tho I really liked the set-up of the Equibreeze, I finally texted back that I was no longer interested, and the seller said thanks for letting her know but she was keeping her trailer since it was so low mileage. 

My best guess is she wants to trade it for a very specific model (good luck on that!) or that even tho' she had it priced at market value, she wanted someone to offer way over the price - or maybe she just likes toying with folks - who knows!

With the wind knocked out of my sails a bit, I drove all over creation and looked at ALOT of trailers, but nothing was really gonna work for the Giantess .... and then, there it was for sale by a neighbor up the street:

A 2002 Jamco Legend Contender

(There is a very similar one on eBay at the moment here)

It was pristine.

It was aluminum (so super light to pull!)

It was being sold by an adorable Grandma and Grandpa.

It hit everything on BOTH my lists - the only drawback is no closed-in tack room (but there is room for a large tack trunk in the manger area) plus it was more than HALF the price of the 2006 EquiSpirit I had been eying.

So I got it!
I'm scrubbing it out with Virkon, Trail Boss is gonna check the tires, and then I'm planning on doing some ramp loading/unloading practice (powered by German Muffin Cookies) and a test drive in it when the girls go to get Coggins/Health Certificates at the Vet.

I feel so blessed to have the perfect trailer fall in my lap.

Ladies, your chariot awaits ;)


  1. Woohoo! Something with a tack room is nice, but I do like the layout of that trailer in all other ways. If you're a tidy packer, though, I guess you can always get away with tack in the truck (for shows and whatnot).

    1. Guess I'm gonna learn to be a tidy packer LOL!

  2. How lucky to find it right nearby from what sounds like a nice seller to work with. Congrats on the new wheels!


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