How to throw a Pony Party

When Olivia at DIY Horse Ownership put together a Blogger Meet Up and promised trail-rides, picnics, Mustangs, and Nilla the Mule, I was all in!

It was wonderful to meet everyone in person: Kate from Incidents of Guidance , Megan from A Enter Spooking, M from Topaz Dreams, Nicole from Zen and the Art of Baby Horse Management , and the guest of honor, Jen from Cob Jockey

I arrived a bit early (to leave time for getting lost and then found again - but Olivia's directions were spot.on. which meant I got to pick out Nilla's feet (which are the cutest little things EVAH!) and tack her up in her stall - all except the crupper, cause wait, how? The colour theme that Olivia has for each horse is genius - cause you can tell right away what tack belongs to who.

Everyone mounted up in the little arena, then headed to the big arena to get familiar with our rides and test their buttons.  I got to ride Kate's new 4yr old pony, Flounder, who is a happy little fella! (Seriously, I could've wrapped my legs completely around his barrel - he's still that baby narrow shape - so cute! ;D Cars and Bicycles zipping by, no problem! Low branches? He charged right through! I'm used to talking up babies, so he got plenty of "Good Boy"s from me for being such a brave trail horse!

Flounder was as excited to meet Nilla as everyone else was!
Getting to know you

The views were lovely, the weather was nice and warm, and the winery we rode to was beautiful! We tied the horses up, and they were champs about waiting while we nabbed a shady bench nearby.  Olivia and David had put together a delicious spread: bread & cheese & fruit & truffles - and a unicorn tablecloth - it truly was magical :D

A horde of little kids gathered as we prepared to ride home - I was bringing up the rear, so I turned and waved - and the little cuties were waving and grinning from ear to ear. 
Future equestrians maybe? That's how the bug starts :)

We got back to the barn, and everyone got a chance to ride Nilla and Levi the Mustang who is like riding a giant palomino pillow. 

Levi the most comfortable couch ever!

I didn't have my cube with me, so I didn't get my between the ears shot with Nilla (epic fail!!) but that girl is super-charged! She loves to go, and was sad that we were just trotting around the ring next to the jumps (instead of over the jumps :D - sorry Nilla!

And as if the day couldn't have got any better, Olivia made us bags of home-made horse treats to take home - so sweet!!!

Thanks to everyone more making it such a blast - I felt like I was 10 again - and especially to Olivia and David for being great hosts who sure know how to throw a pony party!


  1. It was good to see you again. I'm glad you had fun. Levi is the best at being a couch. He would, in fact, prefer to just be a couch with no actual exercise required.

  2. That sounds like such an amazing time! Too bad I live so far away


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