Luck of the Irish Part 1

On St. Patty’s Day, I got off work early and headed to the barn. It was gorgeous, so I decided to ride out in the outdoor arena. 

Tesla was happy to work, she left her hay and came up to me out of the pasture (and this girl is all about food!). I decided to ride out in the outdoor, and walked her through it, tarps? check, mirrors? Hey good looking!

I got some lovely trot work from Tesla, and we were joined by another rider, A. and her OTTB Mo.  I came around a corner, asked for the canter, and she felt a little wiggly so I resumed trot, the light was rapidly changing, and I was temporarily blinded as we headed across a diagonal line. Tesla suddenly felt unbalanced (apparently there was a few baby bucks - A. said it looked like she was playing) and veered a sharp unexpected right as the mirrors and her reflection came into view - and I went careening into the mirrors. 

I sat up straight away, A. was off Mo, and Tesla had put herself in the corner, standing on her reins and not moving a muscle. My first thought was, can I move my neck? and that was fine, but I looked down and saw my left hand was wonky. (uh oh).

To Be Continued......


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