First Dressage Clinic (120 days)

One of my favourite dressage clinicians was in town, Jutta Schott.

I've ridden in her clinic before with Porsche, and I love her teaching style, especially with beginning riders and horses. I asked if it would be Okay for me to bring the greenie along, and she said yes!

We worked on getting Tesla turning off my seat :) "across the arena like a drunken sailor" Jutta said.

I left in the audio, so I could listen to Jutta's coaching afterwards, but heads up it is pretty fuzzy

Tesla made quite a little splash at the clinic (and gathered quite an audience during our lesson). Jutta's instruction was more about teaching me, Tesla is perfectly willing to try, she wants to be a good girl, and when she doesn't do what I ask, it is the way I am asking, (or muddying up the cues!). For the clinic, I had her in a Sprenger KK butterfly baucher bit, as I had been advised it was very stable in the mouth, but Tesla wasn't a fan of the slight poll action (hence the head tossing in the video). I've tried quite a range of bits since then, and she is happiest in an older $20 KK french snaffle 14mm bridoon, but it looks a little odd cause the rings are small, but she works up a nice foam and goes well in it. Whatever makes the pony happy, right?