An unofficial blogshop from Jan via Olivia, I thought I'd chime in :)

Tesla gets high quality hay + a bit of alfalfa (doesn't make her hot, but does help her keep weight on), and enough that it is almost "free-choice".  Porsche lives in pasture, so she gets fresh pasture grass 24-7 during the cooler months, and gets supplemented with hay + alfalfa when the grass dies out in the summer. Both girls have the typical TB metabolisms: Moar is better for bottom-less pits.

I gotta be careful with grains - they can be rocket fuel, so I use a scoop of Stable-Mix if I want to give powder supplements - I mix in 1/2 rice bran if weight starts to drop. Both girls really like the Stable-Mix, and have a nice coat bloom on it:

Porsche made the calendar: Miss Honorable Mention July 2014

Porsche needs a hoof supplement (those TB genes again, lol) and I tried a few, but Horseshoer's Secret works better hands down for her and is very palatable (she is a supplement snob).

For Tesla, I wanted probiotic gastric support, and picked up some AniMed EquiTum 
(it was on-sale at the Feed Store)

A word of warning - this stuff must taste horrendous (prolly why it was on sale), cause the first time I gave it to her Tesla mixed in the stable-mix she spit it out (and she is not a picky eater), but she is OK with it down now.  I wouldn't recommend it if you have a horse with a discerning palate.

Tesla also gets electrolytes in the summer to make sure she is drinking enough:

This one just tastes like salt :) - which is great cause I think she kinda doesn't "get" the salt block on a rope in her paddock. (More likely she touched it once and it swung and she decided never to touch it

And lastly, dark horses can be copper deficient, and the cheapest way to add copper is Paprika! 

Hello Giant Costco Tub!

Also a word of warning: Paprika contains capsaicin, a banned substance at shows - so stop feeding ~2+ weeks before any rated show.

Pretty basic overall, but is working well for us :)


  1. It's been kind of neat reading about what everybody feeds! I really like AniMed supplements for a good blend of quality at a reasonable price ☺

  2. Your horses are okay with the paprika flavor?

    1. Yeah, but Tess will eat almost anything (except bananas). I fell like I've given it to Porsche in past - she was OK with it too, hidden in pellets :)


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