Masterson Method, Renegade Boots

I got the chance to catch part of the Horse Expo this weekend - the Trail Boss and I went on a mission: to scope out some hoof boots for Porsche:

We headed to the Renegade Boot booth to check them out in person. I asked the gal a TON of questions, about fit, etc. I haven't had the best of luck getting EZ-boots that fit well - they tend to slip off on circles and at a bueno. She's also kinda in-between sizes...

hi vis orange? yes!

We actually got to see the boot in action in the cowboy dressage competition - the horse wearing them was moving well - so pretty sure we'll give these a try!

I also wanted to go to the Masterson Method demo - mostly skeptical, but kinda curious to see if it might be helpful for either of the girls. Jim went over the basics - there are some great videos he has online if you wanna see too:

and I gotta say, if seeing is believing, the tense, nervous OTTB he used as the demo horse totally relaxed by the end of the 1hr. session.  (and I know that ain't easy LOL) So I thought I'd give it a go on Tesla....

She totally LOVED it. she relaxed and then cocked her hip as I brushed my fingers over her back and hips. Her ears were on me the whole time, and her lower lip went droopy.

So, I'll give it a go, and see how she does - she definitely is enjoying the attention/bonding time, and it will be fun to see if it helps with relaxation/performance as well.

Has anyone tried the Renegade Boots or the Masterson Method?
Did they work for you??


  1. Yes! I use Renegades on Confetti for competitions or training rides when I can be bothered to boot. I'm no expert, but I have several years of fitting and troubleshooting practice for the silly horse. As long as I keep her hoof from getting too big or too flared, I've had success. Which is to say: we've struggled, but usually I understand why, and I still like the boots.

    1. Glad to hear they work for you & Fetti!

    2. Do you know what size/style you're aiming for with Porsche? Happy to bring mine on over for experimentation if you think it'd be helpful!

    3. I gotta measure her feet with the tape measure :)

  2. Love the Masterson Method. I went to a weekend clinic a year or so ago, and it was very enlightening. Even the easiest of his methods have helped my horses. I don't always remember to use it regularly, but every time I give it a try I'm amazed at the results.

  3. I have experience with neither, but am looking forward to seeing how it affects Tesla!!


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