My Unicorn Saddle: 17.5 Schleese Eagle

And just like that, I found my unicorn saddle - not only did it check off everything on my list (adjustable tree, wool flocking, 17.5in seat) but it came with all the wish list things checked too: it fits me to a T, has velcro blocks, amazingly fits BOTH girls with no further adjustments necessary (just a shimmable pad for Porsche), has a narrow twist, and in a beautiful colour that matches the brown tack I already have, and the money all goes to a worthy equine charity - seriously what are the chances that the FIRST saddle I tried would be such a rare elusive beast?!?

Major props to Olivia for encouraging me to nab it!

Caught ya ;)

17.5 Schleese Eagle Fit on Tesla (with my spare loooong black dressage leathers :)

SO Much channel room <3 I can fit 5 fingers in there!

Three fingers gullet room!

Shoulder angle looks good on the right...

and left!

I had several barn mates look it over/ride in it/watch me ride in it and the concensus was overwhelmingly positive. Trainer S. mentioned that it it did rock a bit on Porsche - and that I needed a proper swimmable half-pad (the washrags I had folded under were passable but not ideal :)

The saddle also "knows" where I need to be - I can tell when I'm in a good position cause I can just nestle into the broken in sweet spot :)


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