Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Twinkle Toes

Farrier came out over the weekend to give Tess a trim. 

It was warm and Tess basically looked like this the entire time. She only really gets hot under saddle. Lucky for me? lol.

Happy ZZZzzzzzzzs

Farrier mentioned that her frogs looked great and that he couldn't really see any thrush 
(Hooray for Dry Cow Mastitis Cream, here ToDAY and gone ToMORROW - I actually ended up with a hoard of boxes of it from my work, since it was about to expire - score!!). BUT, he did see the remains of a minor abscess on her front left - which also may have been adding to the problem.

Lesson learned: in order for thrush treatment to work, you have to remove the dead frog tissue, only after I started peeling away damaged parts of the frog to increase aeration and exposure did her twinkle toes finally feel better :)

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Tack Sale!!

Met up with Megan, Olivia, and Topaz Dreams to go to a HUGE local tack sale:

You can just make out the sleeve of my yellow sweater..lol
We lucked out and there was no rain! It was super fun to meet everyone in person, and chat about everything horses. Everyone had a wish-list item in mind, so it was like one giant scavenger hunt! 

I spied my favourite Schneiders blanket brand that was in FAB condition and a 78 (Tesla's bum is kinda flapping out of her 76 now that she is a chunka munkin) but it was a heavy fill, too heavy for our winters (whomp whomp) There was an ancient close contact Hermes that needed some work (new billets and new flocking to replace the rocks posing as panels) but oh, the leather was just like butter......maybe next time I'll bring a measuring tape to see if it would even be a possibility.... and then, I saw a $10 leather and web surcingle. It occurred to me that with all the longing I've been doing, it would be very useful! it had a western girth tie off - which was a little weird, but it was in great shape so I nabbed it!

the set-up - the western pad gives plenty of padding!

Friday, February 24, 2017

Someone missed me....

Rolled in from a out-of-state work trip, and went out the next evening to check on Tess:

She was happily munching hay in her little box when I walked up, whistled, and she threw her head up to look. She was in happy spirits, and handled my absence well, hooray (I think it takes a week before her "I've been abandoned!!!" sets in.....

Where was you, my little Pez dispenser??
For 4.5 days off, a 20 degree drop in temp, two lessons going on in the ring, and no sugar cubes in my pocketses, Tesla handled it well, and was only a little bossy (She wanted to roll - but I was cramping her style ;) 

I can see dapples coming thru as she starts to shed out, so I'm pretty sure I will be riding something like this in the summer:

Sunday, February 19, 2017


30mph winds at the barn = nope.

With all the ponies on edge, I decided to keep it short and sweet!

Brought Tess up, cleaned and treated her feet, and put her back with a bucket of rice bran/stablemix/probiotics.

This week the weather is supposed to be insane. I'll be away on a business trip - but Tesla will be getting a bit of extra lovin'  while I'm away <3 <3 <3

Saturday, February 18, 2017

DIY: Horse Shedding Blade

Step 1: Go to local hardware store (or Amazon...)

Step 2: Purchase Hacksaw blade with 32 teeth per inch (very fine!) Mine was $2.99. Answer cashier when he asks sarcastically if you got the right one.

Step 3: USE!

If you want to be uber fancy, you can use some baling twine through the pre-cut holes to make a convenient half-moon shape, or you can put a screw through both sides to loop it around a wooden handle (The Trail boss did this for Porsche's), I 'm OK to use it as is with two hands: It is flexible enough to mold to contours, but gentle enough that even thin-skinned TBxs approve (well except in super ticklish spots :)

Just as effective as the more expensive shedders!

Friday, February 17, 2017

Unintentionally Over-the-Top

While I tend to go for practical and subdued/neutral in my barn apparel (says the girl who owns 2 out of 3 black saddle pads), I've written before about these comfy and long-lasting breeches I nabbed second-hand:

matchy matchy
 (the bright red-orange always gets comments at the barn, especially since I found a matching saddle-pad, for high vis when out on trails)

 I have been sniffing around the internets for a more subdued grey breech (hoping to pull together something like this :)

Lovin' the grey polos/grey saddled combo!

 and what did I stumble across but a bright coral pair of the same comfy breeches on super sale in just my size...

Blinded by the bright..

 So if you ever need to find me at the barn, just look for the girl with the black horse and the fluorescent pants; you can't miss us ;)

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Unannounced Jumps

Our new-found magical confidence was put to the test yesterday evening.

There was a high intermittent wind - and when Tesla pulled back in the hemi-tie, I thought for sure the break-away halter was a goner (it would've been a month ago...) But she didn't lose her marbles, stopped pulling and with some verbal reassurance, she calmed right down. That's a solid B and a sugar lump in my book. Way to keep it together under pressure, Tess.

There were 8 horses whizzing around in the arena, but we braved it anyways...

One gal made an unannounced jump right in from of us, 
at which Tesla spooked back a couple steps: D-
(This one is prolly all my fault cause I got nervous - "Is she jumping right under our nose?" so I'm sure Tess picked up on that. Part of me thought her confidence might have been totally shattered, but 
she didn't get worried or worked up about the incident, we dodged traffic and when it cleared out a bit, Tess did some lovely walk on the longe, in-hand and a bit under saddle. 

She was a bit ouchy behind, so I didn't push it, (I asked for the trot and she shook her head, then took 2 sad attempt trot steps before dropping down into a marching walk: Girl is not stoic about how she feels) and sure enough I went digging for gold in her feet afterwards and found a new thrush pocket buried in her left hind frog, which I cleaned out, gently trimmed away any dead tissue, and put more ToMorrow on all four. Tess just yawned and fell asleep in the hemi-tie: A+

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Pretty sure there was liquid courage in that bath sponge....

Cause Tesla is a brave new horse!

Someone hits a saddle rack in the crossties that goes flying in front of her?  No biggie.

Horses are cantering two deep next to her? Couldn't care less.

One gal was disciplining her horse with a jumping bat, but after one start - Tess realized it wasn't her in trouble, and went right back to work.

For the first time, I could see she was just curious about the other horses in the ring, rather than intimidated.

Maybe all her fears washed down the drain ;)

Monday, February 13, 2017

Fresh outta the Bath

It was so nice out on Sunday afternoon, that I decided to give my Christmas Mrs. Conns Bath Sponge  (from Piccolo Pony!) a go if it was warm enough out at the barn.

Complete mudball on the other side

The tea tree bath sponge was easy and convenient - it lathered up nicely and rinsed out quickly. Tesla was clean and smelling fine in no time with a super soft and shiny coat. It was a great time saver not to need a bucket - so I think this would be a great option for shows/traveling.  It will be interesting to see how many washes I can squeeze out of it :)

While she was totally chill during her bath (even when one of the barn guys was using a shovel practically under her nose)  she came out of the wash rack squeaky clean and super FRESH. Some of the geldings were being brought out of pasture into the barn, and she puffed herself up at least three inches and started to prance - If I would've dropped the lead, she would've rounded them up and started her own herd, hahahaha!  
This is the confidence I cannot wait to see under saddle :)

I took her into the arena to walk her until she was totally dry: ummm...and she wanted to roll SO BAD.  She had one mini-meltdown cause she wasn't getting her way and then settled down in resignation.  This feels me her feet are feeling much much better: I'll longe her soon and see!

Sunday, February 12, 2017


Yawny quiet evenings after some good arena ground work are the BEST.

and....she has graduated up to one crosstie - a hemi-tie?  ;)

Friday, February 10, 2017

How to snap a longe in 10s or less....

Totes my bad (shoulda choked up on the slack, but was apparently distracted)

I'm glad to know they actually do break rather easily...and way to go Tess for keeping a cool head!

I borrowed a friends for the rest of the evening,
but I gotta say, this leather one is my absolute favourite!!

So I'm on the hunt for a replacement (and may try my hand at a DIY fix....minus a couple inches, LOL)

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Happy Itchy Pony

There was a break in the weather, and no downed tree/powerline/mudslide preventing me from safely reaching the barn, so out I went to check on Tess.

An all too common site these past few weeks....but the rain is sure welcome!

Chin droop!

I was expecting a hot mess, but Tesla was super chill, even after holing up in her box for the past few rainy days. She mostly just wanted me to brush her face and ears, and she is juuuuust starting to shed (as are most of the ponies).

I took her out in the arena, naked, and let her roll to her hearts content (she flipped herself completely over, LOL), then we did some longing, but mostly walk since the the thrush has creeped back into her left hind, and she is a bit ouchie behind.

I gave her a dose of this in all four feet:

so hopefully we finally kick those little buggers for good!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Too Dramatic

 With all the rain (and one evening off) I could tell Tesla was in top gear yesterday when I went out to the barn. 

She was trying so hard to keep it together, and was pretty successful; everything was just a wee too dramatic.

Horse banging in the stall next to her.
Tesla: I'm gonna die obvs, but please notice I'm not breaking the cross-ties!

Me: Can you halt?
Tesla: Yes, but I can dance around you in a circle better! Look how fancy I is!

Me: Can we take a selfie?
Tesla: I do SELFIE.

You want a selfie? I do selfie!

I ended up humming this as we worked around the arena:

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

White Stripes

Finally caught a photo of it - the white lightening streak deep in Tessie's tail!

Maybe she's uncovering a Super Power?

Also has white streak in mane...

Or is a fan of a certain band?