Suspicions utterly confirmed

Yup always knew they could read me like a book ;)


  1. This is fascinating to me. A few weeks back I made the mistake of spending an afternoon watching YouTube videos about murders/abductions and then went in the dark to fill haynets/water/prepare the field for the next day and bring the horses in. For the first time in the 6+years I've done those things I felt vulnerable/uneasy/isolated and actually found myself thinking something were to happen to me it's be hours before anyone would notice as I hadn't told anyone where I was. I wound myself up and was mentally freaking out internally worrying about it. Like was hanging out near me as I was preparing the haynets, she didn't venture away from me and actually stared fixedly off into the distance - she deffo picked up on my worries and was super alert. When I noticed this I calmed myself and she settled when I got around to her. #sensitivelady


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