Unannounced Jumps

Our new-found magical confidence was put to the test yesterday evening.

There was a high intermittent wind - and when Tesla pulled back in the hemi-tie, I thought for sure the break-away halter was a goner (it would've been a month ago...) But she didn't lose her marbles, stopped pulling and with some verbal reassurance, she calmed right down. That's a solid B and a sugar lump in my book. Way to keep it together under pressure, Tess.

There were 8 horses whizzing around in the arena, but we braved it anyways...

One gal made an unannounced jump right in from of us, 
at which Tesla spooked back a couple steps: D-
(This one is prolly all my fault cause I got nervous - "Is she jumping right under our nose?" so I'm sure Tess picked up on that. Part of me thought her confidence might have been totally shattered, but 
she didn't get worried or worked up about the incident, we dodged traffic and when it cleared out a bit, Tess did some lovely walk on the longe, in-hand and a bit under saddle. 

She was a bit ouchy behind, so I didn't push it, (I asked for the trot and she shook her head, then took 2 sad attempt trot steps before dropping down into a marching walk: Girl is not stoic about how she feels) and sure enough I went digging for gold in her feet afterwards and found a new thrush pocket buried in her left hind frog, which I cleaned out, gently trimmed away any dead tissue, and put more ToMorrow on all four. Tess just yawned and fell asleep in the hemi-tie: A+


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