Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The "Other" Sports Car

While Tesla is the star of this blog, I can't help but talk about the other sportscar, heart horse, fancy pants and trail master extraordinaire, the Porsche.

Out in the pasture, feeling good and sassy

I spent some quality time with her this past weekend

Including a luxurious bath (warm water too - well it was 105 outside, #funnynotfunny

I didn't have the video camera - and it was a shame too, cause she was absolutely hilarious, camping out to the point of almost tipping over for belly rubs - what a goof!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer School

With my broken arm, and friends busy schedules, Tesla ended up getting more time off under saddle than I had anticipated.

While she is doing very well with all the ground-work, and I honestly feel I could hop right back on, my favourite trainer had an opening coming up, so I've decided to send Tesla to summer school (at least for a little refresher) to get her head back in the game (and out of vacation mode ;)

Happy to be home :0

Tesla is a great traveller - she hopped right in the trailer (after not having seen the inside of one since October!).
She trailers well - no kicking, she doesn't get nervous (while Porsche is a hot mess, no joke), and stepped off cool as a cucumber, and ready for lunch.

She's getting a few weeks at home to acclimate to the heat (80's to 105 is a big jump!) and heal up from a bruise/scrape on the point of her croup - gotten from roughhousing sometime last week apparently) then it is back to school!!

So excited to get her back under saddle :)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Blogger Meet-up with L!

Since Tesla is headed to "Summer School" for a tune up this weekend,  I'll miss the NorCal Blogger meet-up (sad), but I had some free time on Thursday, so L and I decided to meet up for pony shenanigans and tacos (yippeee!!)

It was very windy and the barn was super busy - I thought Tesla might decide to melt-down...I was as nervous as a Mum at the first day of kindergarten, LOL! But when I saw her droopy chin, I knew everything was gonna be fine :)

Tesla and I showed L around: the "hidden" trail with a view, the "mirror ball" in the dressage ring (courtesy of yours truly!). And we chatted about everything horse: color, breeding, genetics, polo, sidesaddles, thoroughbred bottomless pits, how much HAY our barn feeds (Tesla eats like a horse, no joke, haha!), pony quirks, and everything else in between.

We stuffed Tesla with carrots and she showed off her trot on the longe
(a bit excitedly! She was mostly listening but had some opinionz ;)

I managed to take zero photos (luckily L posted some here), left my wallet at work, and my keys in my car (luckily unlocked) and had no cash - so we avoided any further disasters and opted to save the tacos for another day..

The long and short of it: L is AWESOME!!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Shine on....

I must not be the only one who thinks the new brushes are magic:

At the barn today I was promptly met with "Your horse is a ball of shine"

Shine on you crazy diamond ;)

There were poles already down today, so we took full advantage!

Lots of transitions from walk to trot, and some long-lining as well to take full advantage of the ring (and not put too much strain on her joints ;)

And walk-trot-whoa in every possible permutation all around the ring, until the "walk-on" scoot evasion/misunderstanding was more the exception than the rule.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

When in doubt, knock down a pole

More time on the longe line for Tesla.

I remember a trainer telling me that she sometimes doesn't want to "guess" another answer, that Tess thinks she knows it all.
I actually have seen that too!

When I send her forward with a verbal command Walk-On, shake the longe line, and lift the whip, sometimes she thinks I want her to yield her haunches (and she scoots her hind end away)

So I make a correction, stop her, and then start again.
Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes an embarrassing amount of times.

She just jumps to conclusions, this girl!

But once she is at the end of the line, and eyes to turn in, I can point the whip at her shoulder and she listens beautifully. No scooting.

So I decided to give Tess a bit of a challenge since she was enthusiastic and wanted to play and put one ground pole in her longing circle.

She was totally digging it, and the few times I didn't have her walk/trot over it she was looking for it (Aren't I supposed to walk over that thing?)

Definitely gonna add a pole down into the routine.

Afterwards, as a reward, we took a hike around the property.
The sunset was so clear and we spooked some coyotes
(while not getting spooked ourselves!)

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ribs N Bums

Not a rib in sight: just look at that bum! 

(and that sheen! I know the new brushes aren't magic, but they kinda feel like they are :)

Tess was pretty good longing, she was a bit high: she is definitely feeling as good as she looks!

 A few moments of "What is this "Walk-On" you speak of?" and "Watch how well I back-up!"

We ended on a good note, nice stretchy walk, and then walked around a few looky things on the property (like the new giant pile of sand for the round-pen).

Onwards and Upwards!

Friday, June 17, 2016

Living up to the Hype so far...

I have sort-of a random collection of brushes. Collection is a strong word: I have two.

They look well loved:

I mean look at this thing (I can't believe it went missing - who would claim it besides me?!?)

But I was down to one pink rubber curry going brittle, a home-made Sleek-EZ (maybe I should do a tutorial?), and the Hermes, so it was time to get a few decent tools...

After all, the artist is only as good as their brushes, yes?

You missed a spot!!

So I took the advice of fellow bloggers and looked into the Leistner brushes.

They cost about the same as some of my nice watercolour brushes, LoL!

I picked out three, a Natural Bristle Dandy Coat Shine Brush, a Natural Bristle Dandy Dust Brush, and the much heralded Luxurious Large Goat Hair Brush, as well as a new jelly scrubber for bath time.

They came the same day as Tesla's little visitor, so on the drive up to the barn I had a second expert opinion (whether I wanted it or not, LOL)

Little S brushed herself with each one, and pronounced which one she wanted to use:

link here

So far, I'm very impressed with their quality. These brushes seem made to last.

Time will tell :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

A little visitor at the barn...

Tesla had a special little visitor today.

One who is only one year younger than she is!!

There was new brushes (more on that in another post, I promise!)

talk about hooves (horses walk on their tiptoes!) and ears and pony teeth (I flipped up Tessie's lip: that was a big hit!)

and of course, carrots!


Tesla was on best behaviour despite the crazy wind. She was polite and respectful and totally chill.

(and mostly almost dozing off)


So proud!

Monday, June 13, 2016

Back in Tack

Decided to longe Tesla in her tack yesterday. She has definitely packed on some chubs, cause I could barely get the girth around her (good thing I have an extender!) 

She was chill about it all (she's always been good about tacking up and grooming)

We had a lovely longe session, and I kept it short and high quality.
A listening walk and trot both directions. I can merely lift the whip with a verbal command and usually I don't have to touch her with it (smart girl :)

As a reward for her good behaviour, I took her on a mini hike up the back trail so we could see the sunset, and she could free graze a little.

It was so clear, we could see some recognizable sights:

Sunday, June 12, 2016

In the market for new brushes....

My old faithful dandy brush has called it quits.

(Literally, it ran away from home :)

So I'm in the market for some new brushes suitable for a Pegasus.

I've seen rave reviews about the Leistner brushes from the $900 Facebook Pony and SprinklerBandit,

But a girl has gotta have options.

What brushes do you like?

Friday, June 10, 2016

Giveaway Sneak Peek

In looking over the photo that Stampy and the Brain sent along, I was inspired by the soft soft look in Phoenix's eye.

So I did a bit of digging on her blog to be more exact about his

and started a sketch:

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Miss Mannerly

Best way to get on my good side?

Tell me my horse is "beautiful and so well mannered". 

"Today....." I laughed

But she really was good - only one little spook,  and hid behind me for protection.

Awwhhhhh.. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Getting back in the swing of things

love that listening ear....

Now that Tesla is being very respectful and listening on the ground, I started longing her.

The first go was a hot mess....someone was still on vacation, lol. 

but last night was our third try and something clicked. She went nicely both directions, walk and trot, to verbal cues, and then I added something new, a "come" to bring her into the center (and get her carrot).

We finished up in the jumping arena, and practiced all our stop, and go's and had her walk over ground poles and a few low jumps (which she always likes)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

And the winner is.....

To pick the winner of the 100 post giveaway, Tesla decided to help.

There were 7 folks who put links to their lovely ponies, so I pulled two rainbow carrots out of my fridge, cut them up, and carved the numbers 1-7 onto them with a swiss army knife.

All mixed up...who will win?

4, 5, 7 are still in the running...

Nom Nom..

3Golden the Pony Girl
7Stampy and the Brain

and the last one she gobbled up was:


Congrats to Stampy and the Brain!

Message me to claim your prize :D

Friday, June 3, 2016

The big reveal tomorrow!

Tesla wants to pick the winner, so stay tuned tomorrow for the big reveal!

Can I halp?!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Myers Briggs for Ponies!

So according to the Horse Personality Quiz that is making the blog rounds, Tesla is:

DLCF - The Reluctant Rock Star


I can definitely see these traits in her:

Dominant (yup. total alpha)

Lazy (but that TB gear is there if you want it)

Curious (yup! Always digging in the tack box)

Friendly (she loves people and wants to please. My folks always say she is all about the relationship)