Myers Briggs for Ponies!

So according to the Horse Personality Quiz that is making the blog rounds, Tesla is:

DLCF - The Reluctant Rock Star


I can definitely see these traits in her:

Dominant (yup. total alpha)

Lazy (but that TB gear is there if you want it)

Curious (yup! Always digging in the tack box)

Friendly (she loves people and wants to please. My folks always say she is all about the relationship)


  1. I got wild card for Oak. I did this test years ago with my horse Bodhi and he got reluctant rock star ☺

  2. Rico is definitely the reluctant rockstar too! Every line in that chapter seems like it was written about him. I struggled with him at first, but he's become this freakishly solid and trustworthy guy. I want another one!

    1. Do you have a good idea what personality TC is yet? (or he is still too much of a baby to tell? Tesla definitely has changed over the past few years: she was making baby mouth at everyone initially :)


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