When in doubt, knock down a pole

More time on the longe line for Tesla.

I remember a trainer telling me that she sometimes doesn't want to "guess" another answer, that Tess thinks she knows it all.
I actually have seen that too!

When I send her forward with a verbal command Walk-On, shake the longe line, and lift the whip, sometimes she thinks I want her to yield her haunches (and she scoots her hind end away)

So I make a correction, stop her, and then start again.
Rinse and repeat.

Sometimes an embarrassing amount of times.

She just jumps to conclusions, this girl!

But once she is at the end of the line, and eyes to turn in, I can point the whip at her shoulder and she listens beautifully. No scooting.

So I decided to give Tess a bit of a challenge since she was enthusiastic and wanted to play and put one ground pole in her longing circle.

She was totally digging it, and the few times I didn't have her walk/trot over it she was looking for it (Aren't I supposed to walk over that thing?)

Definitely gonna add a pole down into the routine.

Afterwards, as a reward, we took a hike around the property.
The sunset was so clear and we spooked some coyotes
(while not getting spooked ourselves!)


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