Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Puffy Leg Update!

Awwhhhh - thanks so much for all the well wishes and concern about Tesla!! Bloggers are the Best!!

I was keeping an eagle eye on her, and over this weekend, she got some R&R and lots of cold hosing.

I can play now?

And when I went out on Monday night, the leg looked 100% better - but I could still feel a tiny bit of puffy with my fingers, so cold-hosing it was, and another night off.

But tonight the leg was back to normal, and she was happy to work, FAB and completely sound!

 (so of course I got no video, LOL)

Friday, April 21, 2017


When I went out to the barn to work Tesla, I found this:

Does this angle make my bum look big? Good.

Uh Oh. Her back leg was puffy and slightly warm to the touch. I cold hosed it for a good 20min, which visibly brought the swelling down and all I could find were two itty bitty small surface scratches:

Tess was sound and putting her full weight on it, so it's not super serious, but I gave her the night off,  some lovin' and apples, and I'll check on her tomorrow...

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Moar Cowbell.

As I was longing Tesla earlier this week in tack, one of the stirrups untied and flipped over to the other side during a messy canter transition, so that the metal was clanging on metal. I thought: this is a great opportunity to desensitize, and continued to work her - but, when I asked for trot the stirrups clanged and she thought I was asking for *more* speed!  She was running SO FAST like a motorcycle rider who leans into the turns, that I thought she might just tip over. She was genuinely terrified and/or thinking I was asking her to GO! I eventually got her settled, but when I got home that evening, I promptly ordered a little tinkly bell from Riding Warehouse:

and I am going to work on desensitizing her to scary saddle sounds...eventually working up to a cowbell and/or stirrup clanging. MOAR COWBELL. We've also been working on "Whoa" - and in fact when another instructor was giving a lesson tonight and yelled "Whoa" Tesla promptly stopped in her tracks - too smart for her own britches that one, hehe.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Mud is the new Black

But, all the kids are doing it!

Went out to the barn, and as I was getting Tess ready, the wind picked up to hurricane-like gusts.

Riding plans changed to longing plans and we made our way up to the arena, the sides of which which was shuttering, whining and squealing like something alive. Despite other horses getting spooky/looky, she kept her focus on me.

We entered the arena, and a gal was finishing up her jump course. It sounded like the roof was going to come down on our heads, but even with a horse jumping right next to her, Tesla handled everything really well! She was obviously scared, and dancing in place a bit, but I could see she genuinely trusted me to keep her safe, and responded to my verbal reassurance (followed by sugar - the magical cure to everything, lol)  The wind started to pick up even more, and I decided to call it a win, and with that trust building session, she was done for the night.

We start bi-weekly lessons back up next month - and I think we're ready this time to learn all the things :D

Tuesday, April 11, 2017


Apparently, when I went to use the Sommer dressage saddle last night, and found I couldn't do up the girth with the Diamond Wool Pad, and could barely get it to go round all of Tesla's new muscle/topline/chub on the last holes without it - someone was under the impression that they were now a Gian-Tess.

I is humungous....

Tesla then felt she was too enormous to stoop under the barn breeze-way, turn around in the crosstie area, and squeeze thru the barn door .... luckily, I had the magic sugar lumps in my pocketses and was able to shrink her back down to size ;)

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

No Pay, No Play

I've become that gal at the barn, always slobbering over her horse, and channeling my inner 13yr old self (and it's spilling over into other equines as well....even when it is not appreciated LOL)

Last week, there was a day when we skipped grooming, and went straight to the ring (to get some rolls in) and someone was Not.Happy.

So after that memo about Tesla's no-pay-no-play policy, I've been making a conscientious effort to spend more time grooming (getting all her favourite itchy spots, and her especial favourite, her face - as well as making a HUGE fuss when I ride her - the I-hug-your-face kinda fuss that she is eating up with a spoon! Yesterday, while we waited patiently for a jump lesson to finish before we headed into the ring, I saw a side of her I'd only seen glimpses of before - a really playful side. I had the longe whip in my left hand, and she kept touching it with her nose (not in a naughty way at all, but super curious) so we made it into a game, and we played until the ring cleared up - I bet she'll be great tonight, I thought to myself, and she was! 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Look

Sometimes we be fancy... especially with new longing stuff o_O

Saturday, April 1, 2017

How not to work your horse:

leave all your longing tack on the top of your trunk, forget about it, and find it the next day strewn along the road on the way to the barn.....

You see what I put up with? Sigh.

Sadly, not an April Fools Joke!