When I went out to the barn to work Tesla, I found this:

Does this angle make my bum look big? Good.

Uh Oh. Her back leg was puffy and slightly warm to the touch. I cold hosed it for a good 20min, which visibly brought the swelling down and all I could find were two itty bitty small surface scratches:

Tess was sound and putting her full weight on it, so it's not super serious, but I gave her the night off,  some lovin' and apples, and I'll check on her tomorrow...


  1. hmm, I wonder how she did that?

    1. I snooped around in her paddock....nothing looked amiss!

  2. Ugh yea my guy currently has a fat leg for similar reasons too. Blah.

  3. Eek I hate when that happens! I'm sure the cold hosing helped a ton. Fingers crossed it's not puffy when you see it next :)

  4. How strange! Interested to hear what happens with the mystery lump/swelling (hopefully all good and uncomplicated things, though).

  5. Cold hosing and lots of walking and maybe get vet out for antibiotics if it doesn't start to improve and she gets lymphangitis! Hope she feels better soon :)


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