No Pay, No Play

I've become that gal at the barn, always slobbering over her horse, and channeling my inner 13yr old self (and it's spilling over into other equines as well....even when it is not appreciated LOL)

Last week, there was a day when we skipped grooming, and went straight to the ring (to get some rolls in) and someone was Not.Happy.

So after that memo about Tesla's no-pay-no-play policy, I've been making a conscientious effort to spend more time grooming (getting all her favourite itchy spots, and her especial favourite, her face - as well as making a HUGE fuss when I ride her - the I-hug-your-face kinda fuss that she is eating up with a spoon! Yesterday, while we waited patiently for a jump lesson to finish before we headed into the ring, I saw a side of her I'd only seen glimpses of before - a really playful side. I had the longe whip in my left hand, and she kept touching it with her nose (not in a naughty way at all, but super curious) so we made it into a game, and we played until the ring cleared up - I bet she'll be great tonight, I thought to myself, and she was! 


  1. I love it when they start to really show their personalities!

  2. I love it when that happens.

  3. I love this -- Miles get snuggly every once in a while and it's a moment I always treasure!!

  4. Awww that is adorabubble 😍


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