Apparently, when I went to use the Sommer dressage saddle last night, and found I couldn't do up the girth with the Diamond Wool Pad, and could barely get it to go round all of Tesla's new muscle/topline/chub on the last holes without it - someone was under the impression that they were now a Gian-Tess.

I is humungous....

Tesla then felt she was too enormous to stoop under the barn breeze-way, turn around in the crosstie area, and squeeze thru the barn door .... luckily, I had the magic sugar lumps in my pocketses and was able to shrink her back down to size ;)


  1. Working with horses is impossible without magic. Also, Rubenesque mares are all the rage now. Haven't you heard?

  2. Love the Alice & Wonderland effect of the sugar cubes 👍

  3. Magic is certainly needed when working with mares 😂


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