About Me

My riding background is a bit eclectic. I grew up riding mostly western-bareback on trails with a buckskin paint who went best in a hackamore. (So I never really learned how to use the reins properly). 

 I learned to ride english volunteering with a polo team in college. (All neck reining so I still had no clue what to do with the reins). I got to ride a lot of different horses, smooth ones, choppy ones, lazy ones, forward ones, snuggly ones, and all-about-the-job types, so it was a great learning experience. I learned what best suited me (I like a bit of spunk, a fifth gear if you need it, and a good brain). But I missed that bond that comes from lots of one-on-one time with one particular horse.

So, I did what any girl does, I got myself a pony for Christmas :) (well, early January to be exact)

A 15.2hh OTTB with an oversized personality, a sensible brain, and a love of belly rubs.
The Porsche and I clicked immediately.

Fast forward to now, and the search for a trail partner for my Dad. We spied a local ad on craigslist. 

and brought this gangly girl home:

and she transformed into this!

So, Dad and I have swapped rides for a spell. 

He's exploring the great outdoors with Tevis Cup dreams on the sportiest ride ever, and I'm bringing along this giant black snuggle-bug, and documenting the journey.