Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Luck of the Irish Part 2

I stood up, a bit woozily, while  A. collected Tesla and she led her and I walked behind leading Mo to the upper barn where I tack up.  A. untacked Tess, and put her away, while the Amazing Barn Family got me ice, my phone, and safely tucked away in my car with a plan in place to drive me to the emergency room if needed. I peeled off my gloves and one of the girls who is a nurse said it looked like a break. since there was no bleeding and I was in tolerable discomfort, I called family, who came to get me and drive me to the emergency room. It was around 9:30pm, and the ER was packed.  I was taken for x-rays, then ended up in one of the overflow tents as all the rooms were full. The x-rays revealed it was not a clean/simple break in my left wrist, and that an orthopedic surgeon was needed to set it.  

By the time the orthopedic surgeon came, Dr. T.,  it was 2am or so,  I was pretty tired, and pretty punchy, so the jokes were flying. The standard questions were asked, He was surprised that there were mirrors in the arena, until I explained they were useful for checking your position, and that some horses really dig their reflection (Sprinkler Bandits' Courage came to mind) and he laughed “My mane is so HAWT!!!!” and he and the intern were busting out laughing. More hilarity ensued, about truth serums, scientific publications, which helped distract from the very large needles. Dr. T. put a hematoma block in my hand (kinda like the numbing you get at the dentist) and started maneuvering to get everything back in place. “Can you relax your arm a bit?” and I apologized, “No, I’m being absolutely ridiculous: “Please try to relax while I move your broken bones!” It took him 20-30min. of huffing and puffing to get everything back in place: “You are giving me quite a work-out!” He was dripping sweat. There was no running water in the tent so water bottles and a bucket were used to set the splint. Back for x-rays (cause if it wasn’t set Dr. T would have to re-set it while the numbing  drugs were still working). Everything was a go, so the family packed me up around 330am to stay at my parents, until my follow up appointment on Wednesday.

But the story doesn’t end there…….

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Luck of the Irish Part 1

On St. Patty’s Day, I got off work early and headed to the barn. It was gorgeous, so I decided to ride out in the outdoor arena. 

Tesla was happy to work, she left her hay and came up to me out of the pasture (and this girl is all about food!). I decided to ride out in the outdoor, and walked her through it, tarps? check, mirrors? Hey good looking!

I got some lovely trot work from Tesla, and we were joined by another rider, A. and her OTTB Mo.  I came around a corner, asked for the canter, and she felt a little wiggly so I resumed trot, the light was rapidly changing, and I was temporarily blinded as we headed across a diagonal line. Tesla suddenly felt unbalanced (apparently there was a few baby bucks - A. said it looked like she was playing) and veered a sharp unexpected right as the mirrors and her reflection came into view - and I went careening into the mirrors. 

I sat up straight away, A. was off Mo, and Tesla had put herself in the corner, standing on her reins and not moving a muscle. My first thought was, can I move my neck? and that was fine, but I looked down and saw my left hand was wonky. (uh oh).

To Be Continued......

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Daylight Savings

Finished up a little early and headed to the barn

There's something to be said for riding under Orion and Ursa Major, with frogs and crickets serenading...

but it's nice to see the pony by the light of day (at least sometimes :)

Tesla was super forward and happy to have dry ears again.

I can feel that we have good moments, and encouraged that there are more of those moments every ride!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Hip to be a square

When I got to the barn, MP and Melody were finishing up, so we had the whole arena to ourselves! The weather was still a bit wild, so Tesla and I worked on some quiet exercises in the ring:

Some groundwork: specifically backing and disengaging the hind end (aka. making Tesla do a 360 turn, crossing her hind legs underneath her.) She will do this with a featherlight fingertip touch :)

Some circles and changing it up a bit with squares in the middle of the ring

Hip to be a square!

Yin and Yangs!

Tesla's ears were wet (cause it had been pouring earlier), and though I tried my best to dry them, it obviously wasn't enough in her mind :)

Wet Ears, HMPH!

She wanted to shake her head so badly, so periodically when she was listening well, I brought her to a halt and reached up to rub her ears....

that seemed to make her content to keep working, knowing that I knew what was bothering her :)

I'm thinking a bridle path might be in her well as ear trims!

I stripped her down afterwards and she had a good satisfying roll and a couple playful bucks just for good measure.

Blanket, Bucket, and off to Bed she went!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Tonight we rode....

..To thunderous applause!

(even if it was just the rain that approved).

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Just roll with it..

When I got to the barn this afternoon, the monsoon in progress gave me pause...ummmm, maybe today isn't the best day for a ride?

But since I was already there, I pulled Tesla out of the pasture (she was happy to come up out of the rain) and peeled off her blanket and gave her a good currying while she polished off her bucket. 

We walked into the arena, and she was pretty much a giraffe and had a few good spooks
(it sounded like the arena was going to topple over our heads, so I feel that that was only fair!)

She wanted a good roll, so I let her (the first thing she did was rub her chin in the dirt, LOL - and then she proceeded to flip herself completely over (first time ever!)

After walking for a good hour or so, she had completely calmed down and relaxed, although the storm was picking up in intensity...

Hurricane 0

Tesla 1

Thursday, March 10, 2016

MOAR Gray on Black

With the brown boots too? You're killing me Charlotte!

Do you hum at the barn?

I often do, and sometimes catch myself humming the oddest things...

This last week was:


Ummmm....I haven't seen this movie in at least 10 years...

and then that one time...

Luckily Tesla doesn't seem to mind whatever my brain has got on repeat.. and I've noticed that it has a calming effect (or I've trained her to it, LOL)

(as long as I sprinkle in a Good Girl now and then :D)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's raining, it's pouring....

Between the deluge of rain, students, and presentations, my trips to the barn lately have been sketchy at best.

The published barn schedule has at least 4 horses in the arena from 8am-6pm with the outdoor ring closed due to weather, and I'm just not comfortable with that amount of traffic (and rudimentary steering skills) so a night owl I am for the time being :)

Yesterday, I finished up earlier than expected, and headed up...arriving with only 45min. till lights out, which didn't really leave enough time to tack up/warm up/ride/cool down/untack, so I decided to just give Tesla some quality time.

Walking up to the paddock in the glow of the arena lights, I saw no horse.
and then in the very far corner I saw a flash of white....blazes can be quite useful!

There is a new grey filly in the next paddock over, and she was whinnying, these high baby cries as I led Tesla out..

Baby B - only 2.5yrs old!

She settled down after a few minutes, and was quiet by the time we got to the arena.
Tesla seems to be making herself very popular these days!

I took her blanket off and ran a curry over her, and then let her out loose in the big arena. She followed me around some, and rolled (only one side, haha) and was snooping on everything: the jumps, the buckets, the mirrors...

I jumped one of the jumps, just to see what reaction she would have. She looked at me like I was crazy (which I can neither confirm nor deny, LOL) Then back to bed she went with her blanket and bucket of StableMix/RiceBran (cause she is a bottomless pit!)

Baby B and Sparkles had their heads through the fence to say hi...I thought about going over to rub their noses, but this was happening;

Inner HANGRY comes out

So I didn't want to egg anything on!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

My Herd is Growing....

The selection of ponies at my lab bench includes both mythological (I'm looking at you purple unicorn Pegasus), abstract, and... 

and well traveled.

These two Indian ponies just joined the band...and I think the colours are just right :D

Monday, March 7, 2016

Marching Forward At A Walk

The weather cleared a bit yesterday, so I braved my way out to the barn.

Tesla was slightly damp under her blanket (note to self: probably needs to be re-rainproofed!)

I think she likes coming in out of the rain, cause she is a Princess Pegasus in all reality, and would like fluffy clouds to frolic in, 24-7 cuddles, snacks and adoring audiences.

Once a Princess Pegasus, Always a Princess Pegasus

The arena was empty and quiet, so we did some quiet work, all at the walk:

Spiral ins (to the Left and Right), and the ice cream cones (top row, third from the right)  playing with the amount of inside leg and outside rein.

horse&rider link here

We wove throughout all the jumps and did and turns across the circle:

All the while thinking "Yin & Yangs"

and surprisingly, I wasn't riding a Llama! 

Wait, Tesla, that isn't you??

I'm making an effort to shorten my reins, keep my elbows bent and hands up!
and I've noticed a huge difference in how she is more accepting of the bit and contact, and is much more relaxed throughout her body. 

Marching forward.....even at a walk :)

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Tack Review: Devoucoux Classic French Bridle UPDATE!

I picked this bridle up second-hand. 

Mostly, because the dimensions were just right to fit this petit fleur:

I liked the wide noseband that could double as a dressage snaffle bridle (just in case we wanted to show), and the nifty removable flash tab:

So stylish!

And mostly because I had totally drooled over a Devoucoux saddle in a tack shop 
(the leather was sooooo dreamy!)

Needless to say, this bridle did not disappoint. And amazingly, it fits BOTH girls, despite their very different faces!

The leather is like butter, and my only real irk is that the hardware was plated and is starting to show some wear (I really would've expected non-plated hardware on this price point)

And while this was a total splurge for me (even secondhand) I feel that I got my moneys worth.

9/10 in my book!

UPDATE: Lovely Emma made mae realize that I hadn't actually included a photo of the bridle being modeled by one of the girls:

Friday, March 4, 2016

Blog Hop: Horses as Characters

Thanks to Austen for starting this one up :)

Tesla would most definitely be the little black pegasus foal from Disney's Fantasia.

I mean just look at that crazy eye!

She will never turn down a free meal...

She loves cuddles!

She tries so hard to be elegant, but sometimes her legs just don't cooperate!

She is still learning how to navigate in traffic:

But when it does all come together...

She can be so Elegant!

and then she thinks she's pretty hot stuff

Right, Tessie?

Thursday, March 3, 2016

No Bueno.

Warning, I'm about to step on my soapbox.

If someone steps away from their horse for 2 seconds to grab a piece of tack out of their car, and the horse pulls back a step and pops a tie (probably in an attempt to follow after her said someone like a Giant Puppy), your blood curdling screams of "Loose Horse" while you stand helplessly flailing are not appreciated.
More Screaming = More Spooking,
and yes, multi-tasking is hard, but please, can you at least lift a finger to help as you scream?

Especially when said horse is standing, leg cocked, patiently waiting to be re-tied.

Who me?

It's like an equestrian version of rubber-necking.

Less screaming, more action next time, please. I promise that I will do the same!

(but honestly, the only place Tesla would run off to would be the Grain Room, haha!)

Ok, rant over :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Pasture Friends...

Well, well, well,

looks like someone was making friends while I was away....

Photo courtesy of Trainer N.