Just roll with it..

When I got to the barn this afternoon, the monsoon in progress gave me pause...ummmm, maybe today isn't the best day for a ride?

But since I was already there, I pulled Tesla out of the pasture (she was happy to come up out of the rain) and peeled off her blanket and gave her a good currying while she polished off her bucket. 

We walked into the arena, and she was pretty much a giraffe and had a few good spooks
(it sounded like the arena was going to topple over our heads, so I feel that that was only fair!)

She wanted a good roll, so I let her (the first thing she did was rub her chin in the dirt, LOL - and then she proceeded to flip herself completely over (first time ever!)

After walking for a good hour or so, she had completely calmed down and relaxed, although the storm was picking up in intensity...

Hurricane 0

Tesla 1


  1. Eek hope the weather improves soon!

    1. Rain has definitely been needed - so no real complaints ;)


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