Hip to be a square

When I got to the barn, MP and Melody were finishing up, so we had the whole arena to ourselves! The weather was still a bit wild, so Tesla and I worked on some quiet exercises in the ring:

Some groundwork: specifically backing and disengaging the hind end (aka. making Tesla do a 360 turn, crossing her hind legs underneath her.) She will do this with a featherlight fingertip touch :)

Some circles and changing it up a bit with squares in the middle of the ring

Hip to be a square!

Yin and Yangs!

Tesla's ears were wet (cause it had been pouring earlier), and though I tried my best to dry them, it obviously wasn't enough in her mind :)

Wet Ears, HMPH!

She wanted to shake her head so badly, so periodically when she was listening well, I brought her to a halt and reached up to rub her ears....

that seemed to make her content to keep working, knowing that I knew what was bothering her :)

I'm thinking a bridle path might be in her future...as well as ear trims!

I stripped her down afterwards and she had a good satisfying roll and a couple playful bucks just for good measure.

Blanket, Bucket, and off to Bed she went!