No Bueno.

Warning, I'm about to step on my soapbox.

If someone steps away from their horse for 2 seconds to grab a piece of tack out of their car, and the horse pulls back a step and pops a tie (probably in an attempt to follow after her said someone like a Giant Puppy), your blood curdling screams of "Loose Horse" while you stand helplessly flailing are not appreciated.
More Screaming = More Spooking,
and yes, multi-tasking is hard, but please, can you at least lift a finger to help as you scream?

Especially when said horse is standing, leg cocked, patiently waiting to be re-tied.

Who me?

It's like an equestrian version of rubber-necking.

Less screaming, more action next time, please. I promise that I will do the same!

(but honestly, the only place Tesla would run off to would be the Grain Room, haha!)

Ok, rant over :)


  1. Oh man, the screaming people are so helpful! this would occasionally happen at the therapeutic riding center where I worked- usually a horse would wander out of a stall (either because someone hadn't latched it properly, or the horse was tied poorly while being tacked up) and calmly mosey around the aisle, looking for food. Some people would totally freak and start yelling, which was really annoying! (Most of the time the horses would just kind of look at them.)

    In contrast, a stallion got loose at the barn where I board- barn owner quietly shut some gates and said in a slightly louder than normal voice "Hey, in the outdoor? Leo is loose, but I shut the gate". Totally calm!

    1. Gotta love folks who can keep a cool head in a pinch!

  2. "less screaming, more action" could probably be a solution to MANY of the world's woes lol

  3. A horse at our barn got out of his paddock and was quietly grazing on thursday while all the trainers were in a meeting with the BO. As I quickly but calmly past the trainer's out the barn I said loudly but calmly 'Loose Horse' and then put it away lol.


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