Tack Review: Devoucoux Classic French Bridle UPDATE!

I picked this bridle up second-hand. 

Mostly, because the dimensions were just right to fit this petit fleur:

I liked the wide noseband that could double as a dressage snaffle bridle (just in case we wanted to show), and the nifty removable flash tab:

So stylish!

And mostly because I had totally drooled over a Devoucoux saddle in a tack shop 
(the leather was sooooo dreamy!)

Needless to say, this bridle did not disappoint. And amazingly, it fits BOTH girls, despite their very different faces!

The leather is like butter, and my only real irk is that the hardware was plated and is starting to show some wear (I really would've expected non-plated hardware on this price point)

And while this was a total splurge for me (even secondhand) I feel that I got my moneys worth.

9/10 in my book!

UPDATE: Lovely Emma made mae realize that I hadn't actually included a photo of the bridle being modeled by one of the girls:


  1. A 450 bridle with plated hardware. You have to be kidding me.

    1. I know, right? Not cool cutting corners at that price point!

  2. looks like a super nice bridle! i'm sure it looks fab on the horse ;)

    1. Whoops, good call! I included a model photo now :D

    2. lolz and my suspicions are confirmed - she does indeed look lovely in it!! great snag!


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