Wednesday, March 9, 2016

It's raining, it's pouring....

Between the deluge of rain, students, and presentations, my trips to the barn lately have been sketchy at best.

The published barn schedule has at least 4 horses in the arena from 8am-6pm with the outdoor ring closed due to weather, and I'm just not comfortable with that amount of traffic (and rudimentary steering skills) so a night owl I am for the time being :)

Yesterday, I finished up earlier than expected, and headed up...arriving with only 45min. till lights out, which didn't really leave enough time to tack up/warm up/ride/cool down/untack, so I decided to just give Tesla some quality time.

Walking up to the paddock in the glow of the arena lights, I saw no horse.
and then in the very far corner I saw a flash of white....blazes can be quite useful!

There is a new grey filly in the next paddock over, and she was whinnying, these high baby cries as I led Tesla out..

Baby B - only 2.5yrs old!

She settled down after a few minutes, and was quiet by the time we got to the arena.
Tesla seems to be making herself very popular these days!

I took her blanket off and ran a curry over her, and then let her out loose in the big arena. She followed me around some, and rolled (only one side, haha) and was snooping on everything: the jumps, the buckets, the mirrors...

I jumped one of the jumps, just to see what reaction she would have. She looked at me like I was crazy (which I can neither confirm nor deny, LOL) Then back to bed she went with her blanket and bucket of StableMix/RiceBran (cause she is a bottomless pit!)

Baby B and Sparkles had their heads through the fence to say hi...I thought about going over to rub their noses, but this was happening;

Inner HANGRY comes out

So I didn't want to egg anything on!


  1. ha so my friend's pony is black with a white blaze and we rode together in the lighted outdoor arena tonight. she blended in so well with the dark corners that there were multiple near-collisions haha. except for that blaze, these dark little mares are hard to see!!