Marching Forward At A Walk

The weather cleared a bit yesterday, so I braved my way out to the barn.

Tesla was slightly damp under her blanket (note to self: probably needs to be re-rainproofed!)

I think she likes coming in out of the rain, cause she is a Princess Pegasus in all reality, and would like fluffy clouds to frolic in, 24-7 cuddles, snacks and adoring audiences.

Once a Princess Pegasus, Always a Princess Pegasus

The arena was empty and quiet, so we did some quiet work, all at the walk:

Spiral ins (to the Left and Right), and the ice cream cones (top row, third from the right)  playing with the amount of inside leg and outside rein.

horse&rider link here

We wove throughout all the jumps and did and turns across the circle:

All the while thinking "Yin & Yangs"

and surprisingly, I wasn't riding a Llama! 

Wait, Tesla, that isn't you??

I'm making an effort to shorten my reins, keep my elbows bent and hands up!
and I've noticed a huge difference in how she is more accepting of the bit and contact, and is much more relaxed throughout her body. 

Marching forward.....even at a walk :)


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