Saturday, April 30, 2016

Alpha Beta Gamma Delta (it’s all Greek to me)

Both S and I have been working with Tesla on her ground manners. And I could see a huge difference in the amount of respect and trust Tesla displayed depending on who was on the other end of the lead rope :P

I’ve never had an Alpha horse before, and so Tesla is revealing all the holes in my training: and with her, if I don’t do it right, she won’t just play along (I can see her thinking, you don’t know what the H*** you’re doing, lady!).  The timing of my cues needs to be spot on (otherwise I’m being unfair, and no-one feels secure).

I need to be both more direct with correction, and less stingy with praise (while I usually fall in the ineffective middle: too wishy-washy in my discipline; not enough verbal fuss). 

Being assertive is not my forte…in any aspect of my life…

This mare is gonna give me exactly what I need.


Friday, April 29, 2016

Allison & Arthur!

I also am drooling over Rolex (albeit from afar)

and Allison & her ride Arthur have always been one of my favorites :D

thoroughbreds rock! also, that liver chestnut.....drools....

link to there dressage test here.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gaining Weight and Ground Manners

This girl has been working hard, learning to be more respectful on the ground, and is coming along in leaps and bounds. So exciting!

She is visibly more relaxed and calm, and I can see her chubs starting to come back.

Double win!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

AES Unofficial Blog Hop: Realistic Awards

An unofficial blog hop has been making the rounds, so I had to join in the fun with L,  Megan, and Nicole

For our "Saddlebred Aside" Impersonation.
The Nazgul beat us by a nose :D
and yes, that is a real sidesaddle!

Cause Tesla is all about Pedicures.

                                                       And Last but not least:

Cause Tesla has been working hard these past few weeks to master groundwork!


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Changes, Step 1

those ears :P

With all the uncertainty looming in the future, I'm putting the Bates Caprilli up for sale.

While Tesla loved it:

Porsche hated the CAIR panels

Someone couldn't deal with an air shock ride, so we went bareback.

so regardless of what the future holds, I need to have a saddle that will work for both girls:

Sale details in Sales/Trades tab :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


Supermodel Pose...

Took Tesla for a walk around the property while she modeled the new safety halter 
(glad I went with the black!)
and did some in-hand work.


Saturday, April 16, 2016

TRM BlogHop - The Honest Ad

Cathryn over at That Red Mare has a blog hop for an Honest Sale Ad.

So here is Tesla's :)

16.2hh Black registered APHA who is actually mostly thoroughbred. Registered name "Cruisen in Stilettos" and is ready for Louis Vuittons with an endless pile of fresh shavings, carrots, apples and grain a la cart and her own personal assistant to braid her mane and tell her how wonderful she is.

Shares well with others. 
Ok, sometimes. 
Ok, ok like never.

Mine mine mine

Easy on her clothes.
(Even hand-me-downs)

"Dahling, it was on sale!"

Has a thing for long lazy afternoons, swinging hammocks, and white haired cowboys.

Ok, maybe just this white haired cowboy:

Oooh la la!

Can turn on a dime and give you some change (or a few screws that won't come loose)

Has yet to graduate from finishing school, but working on manners and etiquette.

Detention again?

Thanks, Cathryn!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

From the Bench...

So while I'm benched for a bit, I'm working on manners/groundwork with Tesla.

She doesn't cross-tie, so now is a great opportunity to check that box!

This has been ordered:

So I don't break my nice one!

Friday, April 8, 2016

The New Game Plan

A new game plan is in place.

A more experienced friend is going to help me with Tesla, and we will re-evaluate her progress (and mine) in 6 months before any decisions are reached.

Moar School for me!

So relieved - and excited for what is ahead!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Time to reflect (no pun intended)

The Mirrors did not fare as well as I

In the wake of my fall, and all the waiting that comes with trips to the ER, surgery, and broken arms, I've had time to reflect on my journey thus far with Tesla, where she is at in her training, where I am at as a rider, and the dreaded "Are we a good fit right now?"

I know that this fall was completely my failure as a rider to stick on my horse during a baby spook. Tesla wasn't being malicious or trying to get me off in any way (cause I've seen her yoga moves!).  And while I've been around my fair share of horses, are my skills as a rider enough to bring along a young green horse, even one that is "amateur friendly"? 

I had someone I respect as a rider come in and take her for a spin in my absence, for an opinion of her progress. The conclusion was pea green. It caught me off guard. Tesla was reactive to many things during that session that she doesn't even blink at with me.

So I'm reflecting on all that has happened. Is this merely a bump in the road, or a wake-up call?
If I can't bring her along, do I have the resources to get she and I the expertise and guidance we both need?

 and if that isn't feasible....then......ah my heart breaks to write it....sell?

Monday, April 4, 2016

Helmet: the aftermath

I had been looking for an excuse to get a new helmet, so a spectacular crash was as good a reason as any!

So long, little velvet helmet...

My Dad and I pulled apart my helmet, an 


(which is a kiddo size, I have a peanut noggin)

to see the aftermath.

It had a fiberglass outer cover (awesome!) and the foam inside had some dents (that didn't show up in photos, grrr!) and the brim was definitely crunched (as it saved my face!) 

but overall, I would say it did it's job! 

But for schooling, it didn't breathe well and the lining wasn't removable (gross)...

So I went with this one as a replacement:

Troxel Intrepid Helmet

In Matte Black, as it had all the features I wanted, had decent reviews, and fit my head well!

It is eagerly awaiting for when I get back in the saddle...