Helmet: the aftermath

I had been looking for an excuse to get a new helmet, so a spectacular crash was as good a reason as any!

So long, little velvet helmet...

My Dad and I pulled apart my helmet, an 


(which is a kiddo size, I have a peanut noggin)

to see the aftermath.

It had a fiberglass outer cover (awesome!) and the foam inside had some dents (that didn't show up in photos, grrr!) and the brim was definitely crunched (as it saved my face!) 

but overall, I would say it did it's job! 

But for schooling, it didn't breathe well and the lining wasn't removable (gross)...

So I went with this one as a replacement:

Troxel Intrepid Helmet

In Matte Black, as it had all the features I wanted, had decent reviews, and fit my head well!

It is eagerly awaiting for when I get back in the saddle...


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