Time to reflect (no pun intended)

The Mirrors did not fare as well as I

In the wake of my fall, and all the waiting that comes with trips to the ER, surgery, and broken arms, I've had time to reflect on my journey thus far with Tesla, where she is at in her training, where I am at as a rider, and the dreaded "Are we a good fit right now?"

I know that this fall was completely my failure as a rider to stick on my horse during a baby spook. Tesla wasn't being malicious or trying to get me off in any way (cause I've seen her yoga moves!).  And while I've been around my fair share of horses, are my skills as a rider enough to bring along a young green horse, even one that is "amateur friendly"? 

I had someone I respect as a rider come in and take her for a spin in my absence, for an opinion of her progress. The conclusion was pea green. It caught me off guard. Tesla was reactive to many things during that session that she doesn't even blink at with me.

So I'm reflecting on all that has happened. Is this merely a bump in the road, or a wake-up call?
If I can't bring her along, do I have the resources to get she and I the expertise and guidance we both need?

 and if that isn't feasible....then......ah my heart breaks to write it....sell?


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    1. I feel like this was one bad moment...I'm not ready to throw the towel in on this girl yet!

  2. Good luck! Reflection is always good


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