TRM BlogHop - The Honest Ad

Cathryn over at That Red Mare has a blog hop for an Honest Sale Ad.

So here is Tesla's :)

16.2hh Black registered APHA who is actually mostly thoroughbred. Registered name "Cruisen in Stilettos" and is ready for Louis Vuittons with an endless pile of fresh shavings, carrots, apples and grain a la cart and her own personal assistant to braid her mane and tell her how wonderful she is.

Shares well with others. 
Ok, sometimes. 
Ok, ok like never.

Mine mine mine

Easy on her clothes.
(Even hand-me-downs)

"Dahling, it was on sale!"

Has a thing for long lazy afternoons, swinging hammocks, and white haired cowboys.

Ok, maybe just this white haired cowboy:

Oooh la la!

Can turn on a dime and give you some change (or a few screws that won't come loose)

Has yet to graduate from finishing school, but working on manners and etiquette.

Detention again?

Thanks, Cathryn!


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