Alpha Beta Gamma Delta (it’s all Greek to me)

Both S and I have been working with Tesla on her ground manners. And I could see a huge difference in the amount of respect and trust Tesla displayed depending on who was on the other end of the lead rope :P

I’ve never had an Alpha horse before, and so Tesla is revealing all the holes in my training: and with her, if I don’t do it right, she won’t just play along (I can see her thinking, you don’t know what the H*** you’re doing, lady!).  The timing of my cues needs to be spot on (otherwise I’m being unfair, and no-one feels secure).

I need to be both more direct with correction, and less stingy with praise (while I usually fall in the ineffective middle: too wishy-washy in my discipline; not enough verbal fuss). 

Being assertive is not my forte…in any aspect of my life…

This mare is gonna give me exactly what I need.