Living up to the Hype so far...

I have sort-of a random collection of brushes. Collection is a strong word: I have two.

They look well loved:

I mean look at this thing (I can't believe it went missing - who would claim it besides me?!?)

But I was down to one pink rubber curry going brittle, a home-made Sleek-EZ (maybe I should do a tutorial?), and the Hermes, so it was time to get a few decent tools...

After all, the artist is only as good as their brushes, yes?

You missed a spot!!

So I took the advice of fellow bloggers and looked into the Leistner brushes.

They cost about the same as some of my nice watercolour brushes, LoL!

I picked out three, a Natural Bristle Dandy Coat Shine Brush, a Natural Bristle Dandy Dust Brush, and the much heralded Luxurious Large Goat Hair Brush, as well as a new jelly scrubber for bath time.

They came the same day as Tesla's little visitor, so on the drive up to the barn I had a second expert opinion (whether I wanted it or not, LOL)

Little S brushed herself with each one, and pronounced which one she wanted to use:

link here

So far, I'm very impressed with their quality. These brushes seem made to last.

Time will tell :)


  1. As long as they do a good job!

  2. Oh man. I've been eyeing these brushes. But my lesson kids steal brushes, so it's possible I'd have to lock them away. This and the following comments on your blog about them though make me think maybe it's time I go for it.

    1. They were seriously worth every penny! My favourite is actually the Natural Bristle Dandy Dust Brush - just enough oomph to really get the dust out, but still soft enough the pony approves ;D


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