Blogger Meet-up with L!

Since Tesla is headed to "Summer School" for a tune up this weekend,  I'll miss the NorCal Blogger meet-up (sad), but I had some free time on Thursday, so L and I decided to meet up for pony shenanigans and tacos (yippeee!!)

It was very windy and the barn was super busy - I thought Tesla might decide to melt-down...I was as nervous as a Mum at the first day of kindergarten, LOL! But when I saw her droopy chin, I knew everything was gonna be fine :)

Tesla and I showed L around: the "hidden" trail with a view, the "mirror ball" in the dressage ring (courtesy of yours truly!). And we chatted about everything horse: color, breeding, genetics, polo, sidesaddles, thoroughbred bottomless pits, how much HAY our barn feeds (Tesla eats like a horse, no joke, haha!), pony quirks, and everything else in between.

We stuffed Tesla with carrots and she showed off her trot on the longe
(a bit excitedly! She was mostly listening but had some opinionz ;)

I managed to take zero photos (luckily L posted some here), left my wallet at work, and my keys in my car (luckily unlocked) and had no cash - so we avoided any further disasters and opted to save the tacos for another day..

The long and short of it: L is AWESOME!!


  1. Aw it was great meeting you! More meetings in the future!

  2. sounds like such a fun meet up!! the pics L took are nice too - your barn is so pretty!

    1. The manager is Awesome! Tesla is very happy being treated like a Princess there :)

  3. Your barn looks really cool. I love those mountain barns with the breezes and cool trees. I didn't realize you were in the penninsula. My horses are probably 15 minutes from you. We should do a meet up as well some time.

  4. Newcomer to your blog & have to agree that L is amazeballs. Tesla is a beauty & I hope you don't mind my stalking *ahem* following your adventures from here onwards


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