Tack Sale!!

Met up with Megan, Olivia, and Topaz Dreams to go to a HUGE local tack sale:

You can just make out the sleeve of my yellow sweater..lol
We lucked out and there was no rain! It was super fun to meet everyone in person, and chat about everything horses. Everyone had a wish-list item in mind, so it was like one giant scavenger hunt! 

I spied my favourite Schneiders blanket brand that was in FAB condition and a 78 (Tesla's bum is kinda flapping out of her 76 now that she is a chunka munkin) but it was a heavy fill, too heavy for our winters (whomp whomp) There was an ancient close contact Hermes that needed some work (new billets and new flocking to replace the rocks posing as panels) but oh, the leather was just like butter......maybe next time I'll bring a measuring tape to see if it would even be a possibility.... and then, I saw a $10 leather and web surcingle. It occurred to me that with all the longing I've been doing, it would be very useful! it had a western girth tie off - which was a little weird, but it was in great shape so I nabbed it!

the set-up - the western pad gives plenty of padding!


  1. Nice find!! I've been needing a surcingle :) I've been borrowing my trainer's but it's almost too big. I'm hoping to find a smaller one at one of our tack sales

  2. Aw what a perfect outing for a blogger meet up!! Sounds like a great day!

  3. Such a great sale and it was great to see to see you. That surcingle looks good. I got a schnieders sheet for $15 bucks at the sale. It's perfect.

  4. Ugh I want to go to a tack sale so bad!


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