How to snap a longe in 10s or less....

Totes my bad (shoulda choked up on the slack, but was apparently distracted)

I'm glad to know they actually do break rather easily...and way to go Tess for keeping a cool head!

I borrowed a friends for the rest of the evening,
but I gotta say, this leather one is my absolute favourite!!

So I'm on the hunt for a replacement (and may try my hand at a DIY fix....minus a couple inches, LOL)


  1. Things happen so fast! I bet if you take it to a shoe repair place they could stitch it back on.

  2. Ughhh totally been there..... Oops!! Yay for Tess being so nonchalant about it tho!!

  3. She reacted so perfectly. I was out hand jogging my mare on the trail with a lunge line. We got stuck in a super boggy/muddy spot. I had all my attention on trying to figure a way out of thenmesa and let too much slack on the lunge. Gem stepped on it and it snapped right at the clip. Thankfully it snapped but then I found myself in the middle of the trail without a back up. Ugh.

  4. Such a calm reaction though, good pony! :)

    1. She was a big girl about it - I was very proud :)

  5. One of my dogs chewed through two lunge lines of mine... in less than 10 seconds as well... that's how I like breaking lunge lines apparently!

  6. She was a very good girl about that. I've almost done this so many times with Katai that it's not even funny.


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