Too Dramatic

 With all the rain (and one evening off) I could tell Tesla was in top gear yesterday when I went out to the barn. 

She was trying so hard to keep it together, and was pretty successful; everything was just a wee too dramatic.

Horse banging in the stall next to her.
Tesla: I'm gonna die obvs, but please notice I'm not breaking the cross-ties!

Me: Can you halt?
Tesla: Yes, but I can dance around you in a circle better! Look how fancy I is!

Me: Can we take a selfie?
Tesla: I do SELFIE.

You want a selfie? I do selfie!

I ended up humming this as we worked around the arena:


  1. Hahah very dramatic! Love the selfie :P

  2. Love the mares that do their very best to keep it together for their MOMs!


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