Someone missed me....

Rolled in from a out-of-state work trip, and went out the next evening to check on Tess:

She was happily munching hay in her little box when I walked up, whistled, and she threw her head up to look. She was in happy spirits, and handled my absence well, hooray (I think it takes a week before her "I've been abandoned!!!" sets in.....

Where was you, my little Pez dispenser??
For 4.5 days off, a 20 degree drop in temp, two lessons going on in the ring, and no sugar cubes in my pocketses, Tesla handled it well, and was only a little bossy (She wanted to roll - but I was cramping her style ;) 

I can see dapples coming thru as she starts to shed out, so I'm pretty sure I will be riding something like this in the summer:


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