DIY: Horse Shedding Blade

Step 1: Go to local hardware store (or Amazon...)

Step 2: Purchase Hacksaw blade with 32 teeth per inch (very fine!) Mine was $2.99. Answer cashier when he asks sarcastically if you got the right one.

Step 3: USE!

If you want to be uber fancy, you can use some baling twine through the pre-cut holes to make a convenient half-moon shape, or you can put a screw through both sides to loop it around a wooden handle (The Trail boss did this for Porsche's), I 'm OK to use it as is with two hands: It is flexible enough to mold to contours, but gentle enough that even thin-skinned TBxs approve (well except in super ticklish spots :)

Just as effective as the more expensive shedders!


  1. LIKE! This will help solve my leg shedding problem nicely!

  2. it's a good solution. Have shedding blades gotten more expensive? I think I paid 3.99 for mine but that was probably 10 years ago (they do last a long time). I also got mine at the feed store not the tack shop and that makes a difference too I bet.

    1. I went to three local tack shops, and no-one carried them...guess most folks around here clip , lol The online sleekez blades run from $15-20

  3. I was wondering what size blade to get! Thanks!


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