Happy Itchy Pony

There was a break in the weather, and no downed tree/powerline/mudslide preventing me from safely reaching the barn, so out I went to check on Tess.

An all too common site these past few weeks....but the rain is sure welcome!

Chin droop!

I was expecting a hot mess, but Tesla was super chill, even after holing up in her box for the past few rainy days. She mostly just wanted me to brush her face and ears, and she is juuuuust starting to shed (as are most of the ponies).

I took her out in the arena, naked, and let her roll to her hearts content (she flipped herself completely over, LOL), then we did some longing, but mostly walk since the the thrush has creeped back into her left hind, and she is a bit ouchie behind.

I gave her a dose of this in all four feet:

so hopefully we finally kick those little buggers for good!


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