Unintentionally Over-the-Top

While I tend to go for practical and subdued/neutral in my barn apparel (says the girl who owns 2 out of 3 black saddle pads), I've written before about these comfy and long-lasting breeches I nabbed second-hand:

matchy matchy
 (the bright red-orange always gets comments at the barn, especially since I found a matching saddle-pad, for high vis when out on trails)

 I have been sniffing around the internets for a more subdued grey breech (hoping to pull together something like this :)

Lovin' the grey polos/grey saddled combo!

 and what did I stumble across but a bright coral pair of the same comfy breeches on super sale in just my size...

Blinded by the bright..

 So if you ever need to find me at the barn, just look for the girl with the black horse and the fluorescent pants; you can't miss us ;)


  1. If you like smartpak pipers their gray is pretty nice (the colors for some reason always look a little off online but in person are better, except Merlot lol)


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