Blog Hop: 2020 Summary, COVID Edition

Joining in on this blog hop from Alberta Equest.

What’s the best thing that happened to you in 2020?

Personal: A friend told me that if a World Pandemic doesn't make you re-assess everything, are you even doing it right? There was time for a lot of introspection this year, about priorities, about goals, careers, and what I really enjoy in life. I was blessed to be in a situation to safely help family in high-risk categories and still work safely at my job. I was extremely fortunate that I didn't lose any family members or friends to COVID-19.

Horsey: Finding a workable barn situation for Porsche and Tesla (they moved to the current spot in January after cycling through a ridiculous number of barns in 2019. I was grateful and thankful to have them safe and happy in a great situation now (and even more so with the COVID lockdowns). Both girls look FAB this winter: super shiny coats and carrying good weight (especially Porsche, who tends to get ribby in the winter)

What’s the worst thing that happened to you in 2020?

Personal: The first suspected COVID case of a co-worker was terrifying. It was early on, so info was still sparse, and there were only a handful of folks allowed back to work, so to hear via the impersonal top-down alert system was so scary. This person's test came back negative, but because of it - all of us workers had a serious chat about transparency with each other: everyone had different ideas of what was "risky" and "safe" - so we all just agreed that if we felt unwell, or were going to get tested that we would be open with one another, even if legally we didn't have to. Building trust, and giving each other info to make wise decisions went a long way in mediating stress/risk. I took initiative and shifted my hours (a schedule I am loving so far - and which gives me more barn time!)  We heartbreakingly lost our beloved Old Man Shepherd: it was sudden and unexpected and he has left a giant hole in our hearts. I'm grateful that despite COVID measures, I was able to say goodbye and that we caught his emergency in time that his passing was peaceful. 

Horsey: The smoke plume/inversion from wildfires that resulted in air quality levels above the Hazardous category in my area for a week (>700!!) (it was totally scary for us humans as well!) I provided fresh water every day, and tried to keep their movement at a minimum: luckily neither of the girls seemed to suffer any acute ill effects and no-one got a secondary pneumonia! Although Tesla decided if she was gonna get a lay-off, she might as well make it an injury one as well ....

What was your biggest purchase in 2020?

Personal: I was super thrifty all year (with mandatory work shut-downs, paychecks were dicey for a bit).  I did get a little memento for the loss of Titan: something about this dog pendant made by the lovely talented Kaye Blegvad reminded me of him: the stance and big barrel chest I think... it wasn't available on her site, but I asked and she re-cast it just for me (once she could do so safely) <3



Horsey: A round pen (found it secondhand on Craigslist, but it's a good un' and an essential Tool in my Kit.

What was your biggest accomplishment in 2020?

Personal: Keeping things mostly together. 

Horsey: Prepping both girls to "join the circus" with giant boxeslightning/thunder storms, dogs in costumes, flags, plastic bags, pool noodles, and beach balls (with plans for MOAR crazy things in 2021).

What do you feel COVID robbed you of in 2020?

Personal: It was exhausting to watch folks' (even some family members) blatant disregard for fellow humans in regards to COVID SIP and mask guidelines, to social reform and equality, and to political differences of was (and is) like living through a psychology experiment gone wrong...

Horsey: I made a choice to forego riding during much of last year: to do my part in reducing risk of ER visits/exposure. I used this time to rebuild with both girls, who felt lost and disconnected after so much upheaval the year before, and to desensitize ALL THE THINGS. (which is never a bad thing , really :)

Were you subject to any COVID Impulse Buys in 2020?

Personal: I did buy some crazy coloured eyeliners (yellow and lavender and blue), which have been alot of fun (still can't do a cat-eye to save my life ;)

Horsey: The giant jollyball beachball for "desensitization sessions" like this. 


  1. So glad you had some great memories in 2020 regardless! Thanks for participating!


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