Flying saucers

And because all my animals have decided to turn COVID-19 quarantine into a competition to see who I love the best, my Shepherd girl had a huge allergic reaction (had to switch foods cause I couldn’t source her usual kibble anywhere cause ya know, hoarders and pandemics and all that) and she broke out in hotspots on her face poor baby and I had to put her in a cone (as well as steroid cream and antihistamine) You know what I hadn’t had a chance to expose the horses too? A flying purple saucer. At first I didn’t realize why they were suddenly going all snorty and bonkers, but then it was just too good of an opportunity to pass up: I even had Backup sit/heel next to me and called the horses over so they could see it was OK: Tesla came running for reassurance, with mini-whinnys (awwwwwhhhhh)

By the time I thought to grab my phone and record, The girls are still concerned about the purple alien 👾 cone, but kept their cool, and sadly, they will have plenty of time to get over it while Backup heals up (thank God I was able to finally order her regular food, I think she might be allergic to eggs....)

I gotta say, this pup has been a trooper, she has taken to the cone with minimal fuss (like it’s part of the accoutrements to have fun, like the harness/leash, she is super excited to put those on) LOL, I think if she was a horse, she would be A Enter Spooking’s TC 😆😆 cause every thing Is the best thing ever!!! A good shepherd is worth its weight in gold (I’m sure I know a few other bloggers who would agree 😉😉)


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    1. Right? and when I went to pick out a puppy, she totes chose me, so I feel doubly blessed!


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