Round n Round

So, now that the girls have a safe winter paddock and barn, the next need on my list was a round-pen. I 💯 did not want to make one out of electric tape (like at a previous barn), and really liked the convenience, durability, and impermanence of panels. I priced them out new 👀 and then I started looking at used ones. Used livestock panels are one of the few things around here that sell like hot cakes, literally they hit the market and are GONE no matter the condition. But, I’ve kept my eyes peeled, got scooped a few times, but then up came a set of 12ft panels and a gate, so I pounced. Turns out they were Noble Panels, the top of the line ones with 6 rails, and weighing in at 106lbs each, in near mint condition. The seller was an absolute character, an 80 yr old grandma who coordinates equestrian events at the local fair grounds. She has 3 active race horses, and a shock of purple hair, and a ton of spunk, wow, I want to be her when I grow up.

Trail Boss and I set them up by headlamp light, it took about an hour, and we carefully used a measuring tape to make sure our circle had the correct circumference, lol finally put those geometry skills to good use 😉 We both were crazy sore the next weird places lol.

So here it is, a 60ft beauty. The perfect size for Giantesses.

We’re gonna start with the grass footing, and see how that goes, with an eye to add sand and/or footing as needed to keep it nice and springy.


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