The Aftermath


Thankfully, everyone is still in one piece today: with all bodily functions normal: While still giving each other the stink eye, they were chill - Porsche who loves to roll, wanted to, but thought better of it, so I'm betting she is super body sore (but keeping hawk eyes for anything fishy!)



This one wants to live in my pocket now: I appreciate that when she is hurt she realizes I am there to help (or at least try!) to make it better.

This one is obviously not sorry about any altercations which allegedly may or may not have taken place...

The new normal is the girls will trade-off days in the 60ft round pen vs the pasture, and they will wear their breakaway halters in turn-out. I can tell they didn't settle the argument: I don't trust them not to duke it out again.

I did look back on my blog - they had an altercation in the barn last year, which is why there is now an empty stall in-between them - and I had thought it was about this time, and sure enough, it was late I wonder if coming into season/cycling has anything to do with the aggression as well....


  1. Ugh, MARES! Glad you've got a good plan to move forward with.


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