When in doubt, duct tape it.

When I went to turn the girls out yesterday, it was like looking at the scene of a crime. A board was down, and both girls were covered in scrapes. I’m not sure if something scared them, and they panicked in the stalls, or if they just decided to have a "tap out" session right then and there....(which is so unlike either of the girls, they have always gotten along pretty well...just a few days back they were napping together!

Tesla was the most marked up, and her legs had blown up, which super concerned me...On further inspection, everything was surface and the most serious was a cut on her leg, no stitches needed, it was more of a gouge, but I scrubbed them all out and wrapped the deep one up (thank you Vet Tech Class), and she was totally sound on it.

Silver lining: Tesla is an excellent patient - she will let you do basically whatever if there are snacks (or even the promise of maybe there might be snacks ;)
PS. You know what makes good bandages? Cheap maxi pads (the thicker the better), vet wrap (I like bright colours so you can see from afar if it is still on), and duct tape (solves everything). This even stayed on during some pasture turn-out: Exhibit A:

So elegant (but I see the duct tape gleaming in place ;)


  1. Horses. Clearly they want to renovate their new home.


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